First Chords (Kid's Version)

First Chords (Kid's Version)

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First Chords (Kid's Version) is a guitar method for younger learners designed to build chords from partial shapes into the full versions. This ten session course will provide many basic chord shapes and develop a range of strum patterns.

  • Three and four string versions of basic chords.
  • Introductory strum patterns.
  • Full versions of the chords.
  • Intermediate quaver strum patterns.
  • Chord charts and practice exercises.
  • Supporting videos for each session.
  • This is the download version.

The First Chords (Kid's Version) lesson book and video lessons work together to provide a helpful start to guitar strumming for younger learners.

  • This book has been used extensively for ages 5 through 15.

Created by Mark Wilkes at Village Guitar.