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Mooer Patch Cable

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Due to popular demand and great success with the Mooer FC high-quality effects cable series, MOOER has developed a new low cost effects pedal patch cable for the guitarist on a budget.

The MOOER AC series connector housings are constructed using a special high-strength plastic to ensure stable, reliable plug quality while reducing weight and costs. We use a specially designed thread moulding process to ensure that the wire connections are secure and strong. The same low impedance, high-purity copper wire that we use in the popular FC series is also used in the AC series, providing high conduction and zero signal loss.

The Mooer 2" (5cm) moulded 1/4" to 1/4" low noise patch cable is perfect for connecting effects pedals while eliminating excessive cable length. Longer signal chains often degrade high frequency signal integrity, making the Mooer 2" moulded patch cable the perfect choice for anyone looking to retain maximum sonic clarity.


  • 2" (5cm) long.
  • Low impedance, high-purity copper wire.
  • High-strength plastic.