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Progressive Electric Guitar

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An innovative approach to learning the electric guitar which incorporates the volume and tone controls, the pickup selector switch, effects and amplifier settings into learning music from the very beginning. Progressive Electric Guitar also includes essential scales, rhythms and techniques.

This book will have the student ready to play in a band in next to no time.


  • Essential scales, rhythms and techniques.
  • Teaches slurs, slides, note bending and vibrato.
  • Lear to play chords in both open position and moveable shapes.
  • Learn to understand rhythms, scales and keys as well as how to invent your own licks and solos.
  • Includes some extra jam-along tracks with a full band backing to practise creating your own licks and solos.


Mark says...

This is a good all round electric starter book. Covers beginner to intermediate techniques. This has been a standard teaching book for us over many years.